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TIKANIS – Your partner for clinical and scientific software

The TIKANIS GmbH develops clinical and scientific software under the direction of the physicist Dr. Thomas Maiwald. We distribute software products for therapy planning, out-patient data capturing, and mathematical modeling and develop custom solutions. We implement desktop-, internet- and smartphone-based applications using C#, C/C++, Objective C, Java, Matlab, Python, R and SQL for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and the iPhone.

Hospital Resource Management

TIKANIS developed an innovative database-communication technique allowing incremental developing in 24/7 client/server architectures. New requirements of the customer can be implemented rapidly and with little effort. Updates do not interfere with running sessions of the old program version. Our approach and the close collaboration to large rehabilitation hospitals, rendered possible to develop a new competitive therapy planning software at a fraction of the budget of existing solutions. The technique has been applied to further resource management tasks e.g. as a platform to create and organize patient reports.

International cutting-edge research

TIKANIS enables the customer to access cutting-edge scientific and computational methods using easy to understand graphical user interfaces. Advanced users rely on extensive application programming interfaces to be incorporated into own programs. A software to apply mathematical modeling in Systems Biology and other areas where unknown parameters of dynamic models have to be calibrated using experimental data has been developed since 2004 and is used by hundreds of international scientists worldwide.


Our Philosophy

„We develop tools”

Our software comprises a high level of customization and configuration functionalities. Therefore, the user may resolve tasks which were not yet thought of in the beginning. In a close collaboration with the Neurological Center Freiburg, we enable therapists to program smartphones and tablet computers in order to run patient questionaires or custom neuropsychological test dialogs, e.g. to determine side effects of new anti-epileptic drugs.